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11-24-2022, 10:37 PM
What is 'Leeching'?

Leeching is downloading resources without actively contributing towards the general community or replying to a thread with the following examples:

  1.  ty
  2.  tnx it works
  3.  link not work
  4.  pls update link
  5.  wiubfkwb e;bjbjdbdjkbfjdkfbdjfbd;fjb

Instead, give proper feedback on the resource. If the link is broken rate the thread as 'Link Down.' Do NOT report posts, rate them. If you're reporting leaks, you will risk a chance of being warned or temporarily banned. Shitposting/Copying posts are also punishable. You can unlock credits by actively contributing towards the general community, not by thanking for the leaks. You might want to thank a person; you can do that by acknowledging the post or write an actual quality post.

As a regular user can unlock by credit point.
As a Dozen member can unlock by reply the post.
As a Emerald member can bypass locked content
As a Royal member can bypass locked content

What you shouldn't do:
  • Do not spam the forums in order to gain credits, this is prohibited and could potentially lead to theclosure of your account.
  • Do not post links to other websites/forums or malicious malware. This strictly belongs in the web showcase.
  • Act mature, refrain from posting "20 question marks or !!!!!!!!!!" in your posts and thread titles.
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