An all rounded area with a number of topics and discussions, if it doesn't have a section, check here.

  1. The Lounge
    For the general chit-chats. You can post stuff in here that has nothing to do with forums.
  2. Discussions
    Dedicated to the discussions of specific topics.
    1. Anime and Manga
    2. Music
    3. Movies, Series and TV
    4. Sports
    5. News and Happenings
  3. Personal Person
    Advice or you need to ask personal questions? Ask the community here. We do not tolerate trolling and will ban you for it.
    1. Finance
  4. Gaming
    First-Person Shooter? Racer? The question that stands before you is what type of gamer are you and why? All discussions welcome.
    1. Gaming Discussions
    2. Game Advance
    3. Games Strategy
  5. Giveaways
    The place for users to give away things for you to receive!
  6. Achievements & Bragging
    If you like to be a cool guy, show the entire forum how much of a cool guy you are.
  7. International Lounge
    The only section where you can communicate in other languages than english.
    1. Español
    2. ‎العَرَبِيَّة‎
    3. Indian
    4. Italian
    5. Fremch
    6. Germany
    7. Românesc
    8. Português
    9. Indonesian
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